MAXX Hydraulics supplies a complete line of cylinder components for mobile and industrial applications.  Cylinders are available for many types of equipment including: Refuse trucks, heavy equipment such as, Caterpillar® & John Deere®, along with many types of tie-rod cylinders for industrial uses.

In addition, we carry many parts for use in the repair of cylinders including, machined chrome rod, pistons, mounts, glands and many more items.

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Below are typical cylinder component parts we can supply:

Chrome RodPre-machined chrome rod
Hydraulic CylindersTie-Rod, Telescopic, Heavy Duty, Industrial
Hydraulic Power Units Industrial & Mobile applications
Cylinder Repair Parts Glands, Pistons, Mounts & Trunnions
AccessoriesFluid Level Gauges, Filters, Breathers, Pressure Gauges