MAXX supplies a full selection of braided packing in many different styles and sizes for the pump, valve and industrial markets.  This packing is ideally suite for high temerature, abrasive media and corrosive environments in most reciprocating and rotating equipment.  We supply packing designed to handle virtually any service, pressure and shaft speed.


Packing is available in:  1lb., 2lb., 5lb,. 10lb., and 25lb. boxes.

In sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8",1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" & 1".


Typical Types of Packing:


Flax & RamieResistant to cold water, sea water & cold oils.  Tallow & wax blend.
PTFE FilamentSuited for extreme chemical resistance & where low shaft friction is required.
Food Grade PTFE Complies with FDA & USDA requirements.  100% Teflon Fiber
Carbon Styles Suitable for caustic or corrosive media, high speed/temperature pump or valve
Nuclear Grade Nuclear grade graphite filament for extreme pressure and temperature

Fiberglass Wire Inserted High temp steam / pressure Valve stem or expansion joint packing

Copper Wire Annealed copper for use as bull or anti-extrusion ring
Flexible Graphite Virtually leak free, low friction with excellent heat dissipation
Acrylic Blended FiberGeneral service for steam, water, oil & mild acid or alkali applications
GFO®100% GFO Fiber combines the heat dissipation of graphite with the chemical resistance of Teflon
PTFE Graphite Blend Kevlar® corners for superior abbrasion, corrosion and extrusion resistance
Aramid Non-staining & Non-contaminating suited for slurry and any abrasive service
Aluminum & Lead Foil End rings & anti-extrusion rings for boiler, rotating and reciprocating pump service

Wire Inserted Graphite Reinforced graphite for high temp & pressure valve service applications

Grafoil Rings Nuclear grafoil tape wound then die formed into solid or split rings

Kynol Multi-purpose phenolic fiber non-hardening packing that is durable yet very conformable